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Sometimes all you need to feel your best is a brand new hairdo or cut. At Carbon Salon Boston, you will be able to get to know many of the fabulous stylists who use their creativity to reinstate people’s confidence. In addition, you can experience the creative and inviting environment where the salon is committed to creating sustainable beauty.

About Carbon Salon Boston

Carbon Salon Boston is committed to that warm and friendly environment you are used to seeing at your favorite salons. With six stylists, one threader, and one makeup artist, you can take full advantage of your creativity. At this location, you will be able to get your hair done as every stylist accepts individuals from all walks of life. Each stylist also continuously educates themselves on the latest color trends and hairstyles. Just keep in mind that visiting the salon requires an appointment. 

Location: The Parkside – 170 Tremont St Boston, MA 02111

Hours: Closed Monday, hours vary daily

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Carbon Salon Boston offers various haircuts, styles, and trendy looks. With a specialized team of individuals dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind styles based on your needs, you can get the treatment you deserve and leave feeling like the most confident version of yourself. 


You can’t go wrong at Carbon Salon Boston when it comes to style. For haircuts for men and women, you can expect to pay about $40- $85 depending on the cut. Children’s cuts range around $30. Once your haircut is complete, you can also choose other add-ons to your treatment, including a blowdry for $45-$50, an upstyle for $85, and even a waxing for $10- $18.


Treatments on your hair can be done for many different reasons based on your concerns with your locks. Additionally, your stylist may recommend specific treatments for your hair depending on its health and anything else your stylist observes while addressing your hair. Hair conditioning treatments, which restore your hair’s moisture, strengthen it, and get rid of damage, are about $25. The procedure includes coating your hair and treating it with extra nourishing products to achieve the desired look. For example, a keratin treatment typically costs from $150 to $395 and is a process that smooths and straightens your hair. Also referred to as the Brazillian Keratin treatment, this process involves applying products to the hair, blow-drying it, and sealing the products with a flat iron for that sleek look. In addition, you can purchase root colors for $60-$80, highlights for $100-$250, gloss for $50, and balayage for $250. 

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Specialty Services

If you are looking for any specialty services, you can come into the salon and meet with a stylist who specializes in whatever your request is. For example, you can request an appointment for corrective color, extensions, and wedding hairdos. The prices of each service are determined during your complimentary consultation with your stylist, so you will know what to expect when you come in for your appointment.

Carbon Salon Boston

If you need a day to treat yourself, getting your new haircut or style is a great place to start! Check out Carbon Salon Boston for all of your hair care needs!

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