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You only get one body, and that body you have deserves to be loved and celebrated every chance you get! At The O Shop, you can step into an experience that feels a lot more comfortable than any other experience walking into a lingerie boutique. Whether or not you’re experienced in purchasing lingerie, the team at The O Shop shares one goal: to make you feel your most confident and beautiful self. 

The O Shop

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About The O Shop

Nothing is worse than being stuck in a bra that doesn’t fit for an entire day. Quite frankly, some bras and underwear are too expensive to repurchase if it doesn’t work out once you get home. The O Shop is set out to change all of that. This lingerie store believes that all bodies should feel good in what they wear. That starts with a properly fitted bra, lingerie, and all of the other items we wear daily that make us feel gorgeous. The O Shop recognizes that no single body is the same and wants to change the misconception of  “one size fits all.” 


I think we can all agree that standard sizing is a huge issue. After all, we all have different wants and needs regarding the clothing we purchase. The O Shop does an incredible job of stocking what I call “real people sizes.” The bras here range in sizes from A to K cups, and underwear, loungewear, and lingerie items range from small to large and are true to size. This boutique also carries a vast amount of products as well. This place has everything from lingerie to sleepwear and bras to intimates.

Prices range from around $20 for underwear pieces to $150 for the most expensive bra. Of course, the amount you spend depends on what you’re looking for with your lingerie. If you’re thinking about a boudoir shoot, one of the products I love to recommend is the teddies. While you’re exploring and finding your comfort, I find that most people love a lace teddy as it shows off your beautiful curves and provides stunning silhouettes. I also love to recommend two-piece matching sets if you want to show a little more skin in your photos. Both options are great for our shoots! 

Bra Fittings

If you happen to be a little unsure of your bra size, don’t worry! The O Shop offers bra fittings for customers who aren’t sure. If you’re interested in a bra fitting, you can schedule an appointment with a trained fitter to help you identify the proper size and styles for your specific body type. 

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The O Shop in Worcester

You deserve to feel the most confident version of yourself every single day. Shopping at The O Shop is a wonderful place to search for something to wear in your next boudoir shoot. This is your time to have fun, be adventurous, and allow yourself to feel confident and beautiful. Depending on the mood for your shoot, you can choose from various colors or even wear your favorite pair of heels. The point is to make you feel stunning in front of the camera and provide you with photos you’ll love! 

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