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Feel sexy, empowered, and get glammed up just because you can! Say less at Forty Winks Boston. As a Boston boudoir photographer, it’s my mission to make you feel the most confident, powerful, and stunning version of yourself. That’s why I’ve found a brand of boudoir lingerie that reflects just that! Out of all of the brands of lingerie I have seen, Forty Winks happens to be one of my favorites. With sustainable clothing, various styles and sizes, and a built community of empowered individuals, this brand is truly unstoppable.

Why You Should Shop Forty Winks Boston

About Forty Winks

If you’re looking for a sense of community full of powerful and confident women, this is the place to shop. Making the community a priority, where size and background don’t matter, Forty Winks sets itself apart from other lingerie stores by being a safe space. As a brand, the environmental footprint left on the planet is a top priority. This is why eco-friendly and sustainable production methods are ensured. Forty Winks uses bags made from at least 50% recycled materials to keep accountable. In addition, this store is focused on actively offering shelf space to BIPOC-owned brands. This way, everyone can be represented and find things they love!

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Fit For You

My mission is to celebrate, embrace, and capture moments of women as their most authentic, bad-ass selves. Real women with real stories are portrayed through my photographs, which starts with getting you into something that makes you feel confident. Like its diverse staff, Forty Winks Boston is actively working on creating diverse styles for all shapes and sizes. A popular choice for a boudoir photo shoot is a bodysuit. While versatile and luxurious, I absolutely love the silhouette a bodysuit can give in a photo. Forty Winks offers a variety of these in all sorts of colors to match the theme of your shoot: lace, non-lace, bright in color, or jade in tone.

If you want something with a little more skin, you can try a two-piece set. Comprising of a supportive bra and underwear, a two-piece set gives you the luxury of mixing and matching pieces while having a little more freedom to move. In addition, one of my more recent favorites is a bridal teddy. Usually white or soft in color, a bridal teddy gives off a sweeter look. Regardless of your preferences, Forty Winks has something for everyone!

Store Services

If you’re unsure about sizing, Forty Winks Boston offers in-store fittings during regular store hours (Monday- Sunday, 11 am to 7 pm). This brand carries various sizes ranging from bras in 30-44, A-L to underwear in XS-XXXL. If you’re a little nervous about finding the right size, an experienced staff member can help you find what you need virtually by following the instructions on the website to measure yourself. All Forty Winks staff come from various backgrounds and have experience fitting all kinds of individuals. From elderly to new moms and post-surgery to finding your first bra, an experienced team can make all the difference!

Woman in black lingerie from Forty Winks Boston laying on bed

Forty Winks Boston

Believe it or not, a whole other side of each woman is just aching shine! So unleash the most confident and empowered version of yourself with Forty Winks Boston! Ready to capture that confidence? Let’s chat about a boudoir session! Click here to check out more of my work, and click here to start the conversation.

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