Synergy Wellness Center | Holistic Wellness for the Body, Mind, and Soul

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Looking for holistic wellness for all of your emotional, physical, and spiritual health needs? Synergy Wellness Center is the perfect place for you to have all of your mind, body, and soul needs met. Synergy Wellness Center offers a warm and welcoming space. Team members worked hard to make it a place where caregivers can boost their well-being. They feel you can serve all of your holistic health needs through an array of offerings. Services include counseling, yoga, meditation, massage therapy, acupuncture, energy healing, nutritional counseling, life coaching, essential oils, workshops, and helpful retail products.

About Synergy Wellness Center

In the Fall of 2017, the owner of Synergy Wellness Center, Michelle, came up with the idea of opening a safe place to offer mental health services to caregivers and those they care for. Later, she expanded her vision to support the emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of all personal and professional caregivers and wellness seekers. Since then, Synergy Wellness Center has grown to be the best and has many awards to prove it! Synergy Wellness received the Best of the Best award for alternative medicine and acupuncture and the best yoga studio by MetroWest. They have experienced counseling, yoga, massage, and energy healing staff that offer a warm, welcoming, and respectful wellness experience. Their licensed clinicians support your path toward emotional wellness. In addition, certified yoga instructors, licensed massage therapists, and highly trained energy healers support your physical and spiritual wellness.

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Synergy Wellness Center has services to help your mind, body, and soul by offering counseling, acupuncture, body massage, energy healing, hypnosis, astrology, and so much more. You can also engage in classes and education to learn more about yoga, meditation, wellness, and essential oils. They offer several packages and memberships to fit your every need. For example, the Gold Pass includes 25 yoga classes, two therapy sessions, and a 60-minute massage for $300 per month. They have a Silver Pass for 15 yoga classes, one therapy session, and a 60-minute massage for $230 per month. The Bronze Pass includes five yoga classes, one therapy session, and a 60-minute massage for $130 per month. 

If you are expecting, they have a special membership for you that includes five yoga classes, perinatal resources, and a massage or acupuncture session for $175 per month. If you are just interested in yoga, you can get 25 classes For $200 per month. In addition, they give special discounts to students, seniors, and the military. The Synergy Wellness Center has grown to be a one-stop shop where all your needs can be fulfilled for overall well-being. 

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Synergy Wellness Center

From yoga and meditation, emotional wellness, and acupuncture to holistic healthcare, massage and body awareness, and physical therapy, Synergy Wellness Center truly has something for everyone.  So, check them out today for a free tour of the facility and services! 

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